Welcome! This is a personal website of Milan Shrestha, I am Lecturer (School of Sustainability) and Senior Sustainability Scientist (Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability) at Arizona State University. As an environmental anthropologist, I study the coupling between human and natural systems in five core research themes: 1) land use change and landscape fragmentation; 2) food security and vulnerability; 3) climate change risk and adaptation; 4) ethnoecology (indigenous knowledge) and community-based institutions; and 5) and sustainable urban dynamics. Learn more >>


Imja Tsho
Reducing GLOF Risks

A new interdisciplinary research project seeks to develop a science-driven, community-based approach to reducing Glacier Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOF) in the Everest Region.

Urban Conversions of Agricultural Lands

Urban Conversions of Agricultural Lands in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area has drawn a lot of attentions lately, as the city experienced an aggressive land fragmentation rate

Mountain Agriculture and Land-use

This study analyzed the household conditions and community contexts under which smallholders change their agricultural land-use strategies, and how these are linked to a regional level land-cover change patterns.