Milan Shrestha is Lecturer (School of Sustainability) and Senior Sustainability Scientist (Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability) at Arizona State University. As an environmental anthropologist and sustainability scientist, he studies the coupling between human and natural systems in five core research themes: 1) land use change and landscape fragmentation; 2) food security and vulnerability; 3) climate change risk and adaptation; 4) ethnoecology (indigenous knowledge) and community-based institutions; and 5) and sustainable urban dynamics. Learn more >>


Imja Tsho
Reducing GLOF Risks

A new interdisciplinary research project seeks to develop a science-driven, community-based approach to reducing Glacier Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOF) in the Everest Region.

Urban Conversions of Agricultural Lands

Urban Conversions of Agricultural Lands in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area has drawn a lot of attentions lately, as the city experienced an aggressive land fragmentation rate

Mountain Agriculture and Land-use

This study analyzed the household conditions and community contexts under which smallholders change their agricultural land-use strategies, and how these are linked to a regional level land-cover change patterns.