Social Exclusion and Vulnerability in Nepal

I conducted this study back in 1999-2000 with the support from the Robert McNamara Fellowship of the World Bank. The study was based on the extensive fieldwork conducted in 25 different villages in five different districts dispersed across Nepal. It explored the complex relationships between land stress, forest resource degradation, food deficit and vulnerability and also analyzed the coping and adaptation strategies of these groups to offset the adverse impact. In this study I first characterized the systemic nature of social exclusion and its empirical evidence in the context of land and natural resource management in Nepal. Secondly, I contextualized the notion of social exclusion to explain why the impact of land stress and forest resources degradation are experienced differently by social excluded groups, particularly why some groups manage to respond to land stress and forest degradation better than others.

Technical report

Shrestha, Milan. 2000. The Land-use Change, Livelihood and Social Exclusion Nexus in Nepal submitted to the Robert McNamara Fellowship Program of the World Bank, Washington DC